360 Emulator: A theory


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No, this is not to talk about an awesome 360 emulator scam or whatever. I'm just talking possibilities and theories here, since well... I had some weird and wacky idea and wondered... Oh well, here goes nothing, keep in mind that all of it is just a delusion caused by long hours of boredom at work.

So, let's face the problems. Computers emulating consoles must be at least 4 times stronger than the actual console to be able to run it. 360 was a powerhouse, such was PS3... However why does it require so many ressources from a pc? Because we have to re-build a more maneuverable version of a certain game console OS that imitates what the original one does? Most likely. However, since it is microsoft technologies, and that the parts are not specifically special inside the actual gaming system... it IS close to being a pc enough. Why don't we just spoof the OS and generate plugins that redirect the input channels? Run it as a virtual machine or install it as a dual-boot on your PC?

Yes it would require loads of work and some actual epic cracking skills, which I have no intention to do. However I just thought of the idea, no ways or nothing else... Would it be POSSIBLE to make it?

Those were my thoughts, and nothing much other than that, and wondered if anyone has anything to add or say. Flaming is also a possibility, and telling me I'm an ignorant fool will probably happen, but so what.

Anyhow: I hope you enjoyed.

TL;DR Run the actual OS on a system instead of an emulator.


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Well that is a great first post.

I know the idea has been attempted many times. This ideas was the first to be tried with xbox emulation. I'm no longer sure of the emulators that tried it. What you speak of is called an OS wrapper. Things like virtual pc, and VM tools do this. Also the concept of HLE is the same manner of emulating. With n64 and ultraHLE being the first to prove the concept. HLE is not a OS translator but HLE attempts to simulate the response of the system rather than accurately recreating its internal design. I'm sure m$ predicted this and built a mechanism to prevent it. I still agree its the way to do it but I dont have the time to try it. If you want to actually query about it dry IRC channels. They would love to flame you for asking ;) but at least you would get an answer form the source.

hLE http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High-level_emulation
OS WRAPPER of sorts https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wine_(software)
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