“Persistent Hiccups” – 156 Hours (7 days straight)


Obsessive Gamer
Hey all, it’s so great to be back and feeling better. I got my Wisdom Teeth out on 03/11 and because of complications with the anesthesia suffered from “Persistent Hiccups” for just short of 7 days.

(Persistent hiccups. These hiccups last longer than 48 hours, but less than a month.)

Needless to say life really sucked as non stop hiccups lead to things like, acid reflux, choking, gagging, being unable to breathe, one trip to the ER, and 2 trips to Urgent Care before I was finally given Thorazine which knocked me out cold for 18 hours but cured my hiccups.

It’s weird how some of stupidest little things can really ruin your life for a short period of time. Glad to be back! :bow:
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