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I'm playing a game for the GameCube on dolphin
It's on the lowest settings and it just 70% speed

But this game is also for ps2 should I get this version and play it using pcsx2

Good to know

That ps2 games that I'm playing on pcsx2 are too for wii I have Also the wii versions

Pcsx2 runs them Best settings at full speed
But on dolphin they are around 70%

So should I change to ps2 emulation and which console is the best by the graphics ps2 or GameCube


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I think your config maybe out of wack, ps2 games should not really run faster then wii/GameCube. Dolphin has a guide for speeds ups. Dolphin much like ps2 wants a fast chip. A 4.0 is a good target. For both, a 4 core will help by giving the OS something to play with and to leave the two cores for the emulator to take over. Also a 64 bit os will help and so does > 2 gig of ram. I have 100% dolphin emulation on my system and ps2 also plays well. Before I upgraded I could play dolphin game but not ps2. Just make sure you have dolphin configure right for you.


To tell the truth.... I don't know how to confine that emulator its really hard but pcsx2 has a guide it's shows me how to.

And I have

Windows 7 32 bit
Intel core i3 3.3ghz
4g ram
n GeForce 520 gt 1 g I know that my graphics card is not good

So in pcsx2 I let my CPU to do the graphics not my graphics card I mean I don't remember I think that is software or hardware in the graphics config in pcsx2

And dolphin has a lot of issues like in my game you can't thee the map or even see the clock and I have some lines on the screen. So I think that ps2 emulation is better


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your graphics is good,Processor is great,only that you don't know how to configure the pcsx2.It's pretty easy.When you first startup your pcsx2 r4600 (the newest release) a configuration guide ui will pop up.Just follow the given instructions.
+Make sure your DX9 is up to date
+make sure your gfx drivers are up to date
So that's pretty much it.


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For me I think Dolphins 'faster' than pcsx2 because my processor can't run pcsx2 but it can run Dolphin. Mind you I can only just play games at a playable speed on Dolphin.