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Amiberry 5.6.4


Well-known member
Amiberry is an optimized Amiga emulator, primarily targeted for ARM-based boards (like the Raspberry Pi) but nowadays also ported on x86 (macOS, Linux).

It is based on the latest WinUAE, with several unique features on top of it, like a WHDLoad booter, custom controls, Host-Run functionality and more.

The core emulation comes from WinUAE, and the main GUI is designed to look similar to that. However, not all WinUAE features are implemented, as Amiberry tries to achieve a balance between good performance on low-powered hardware and emulation accuracy.

It includes JIT support, to get high-performance results on CPU-intensive emulated environments, like desktop applications. On top of that, there are some unique features developed specifically for Amiberry, such as the WHDLoad booter, support for RetroArch controller mapping, and several more.

Additionally, please note that you will probably also need some Kickstart ROMs. Amiberry includes the AROS ROM, so you can start it up and use AROS with it directly, but most games will require a Kickstart 1.3 (for A500 emulation) or Kickstart 3.x (for A1200 emulation).



Amiberry has been tested on the following Linux distros:

  • Debian/RPI-OS Buster and Bullseye ARM and x86 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Ubuntu ARM and x86 (64-bit)
  • Manjaro ARM (64-bit)
  • DietPi ARM (32-bit)
  • RetroPie ARM (32-bit) it should also work on several others.

Some even include it in their app ecosystem (e.g. DietPi, RetroPie and others), so you can install and upgrade it directly from their menu system.


Amiberry has experimental support for macOS, and has been tested on:

  • Catalina (x86)
  • Monterey (x86 and M1)

You will need to install the required libraries using Homebrew. If you want to compile it from source, please refer to the relevant wiki page.


Amiberry requires the SDL2 framework for graphics display, input handling and audio output. Additionally, a few extra libraries are used for CD32 MPEG and mp3 decoding.

If you just want to just run the Amiberry binary, you can install the required libraries on Debian/Raspbian/Ubuntu derived distros like this:

sudo apt install libsdl2-2.0-0 libsdl2-ttf-2.0-0 libsdl2-image-2.0-0 flac mpg123 libmpeg2-4 libserialport0


  • Fixed problems writing parition tables to HDFs after latest updates
  • Fixed crash in Add Harddrive dialog (fixes #1166)
  • (#1167) Quickstart did not select correct ROM for A4000T
  • (fixes #1169) The default.uae could not be deleted
  • GUI would not use default screenmode (fixes #1170)
  • (fixes #1174) not all RAM settings were reset when changing Quickstart model
  • DMX targets would crash when opening the GUI (fixes #1179)
  • CD images were not activated on Reset, only on Restart (fixes #1182)
  • copy all directories in macOS bundle
  • add missing dirs in macOS when generating them also
  • macOS did not have IPF support (fixes #1126)
  • removed unused cda wait() reference
  • A3000 emulation didn't work (fixes #1173)
  • Fixed compiler error: braces around scalar initializer for type 'int'
  • (fixed #1171) Keyboard reset would not restore keys

🔨 Improvements​

  • increase size of text field in Create Hardfile dialog (fixes #1160)
  • fixed various clang compiler warnings
  • Use CD Image name as a fallback for screenshot filename, if no floppy was found
  • Accept archive formats as disk images also (e.g. .zip, .lha, .7z)

🏗️ Build System​

  • use Github hosted macOS runner
  • Build Flatpak for both x86_64 and aarch64
  • fixes for aarch64 flatpak build
  • Remove flatpak from Github releases (they will be hosted on Flathub instead)
  • fixed paragraphs in flatpak metainfo description
  • fixed flatpak source browser link in metainfo

🪚 Refactors​

  • GUI clang tidy fixes
  • Don't pass global variable in function

📚 Documentation Changes​

  • Added flatpak link in Readme
  • Improved Help text in GUI->Paths (fixes #1162)
  • added custom control events info about diskswapper (fixes #1118)
  • Fixed typo in Readme
  • improved Savestate panel Help