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    Hey, I just started getting back into computers again. So I thoughtd I once again chill here and talk it out with peeps. :D

    Favorite Game Companies?

    Alright, i've been playing games and noticing the same names on some games that are just always good. This has lead to like the same name I see on all those different game boxes and what not. So... I'm starting a thread to announce your favorite video game developing company. Well, mine is...

    Current or Future Projects You're Doing

    Hey I've been very busy. So I thought I'd post something that could stay alive and maybe attract me back to the forum. LOL... if that makes sense. Basically what are your current or future projects you're working on? What do they consist of, the system you're using to complete it, how you came...

    I'm just going to dive into assembly now!

    I've really only noticed that I learn anything by submerging myself in hard to grasp concepts and whatnot. I know a little bit of c++. The most LOC i've written is like 500... and it was making a simple pong game object oriented that I made while adding a computer class -- basically my first...

    New experience and why its needed

    Ok so now I see somewhat a change that I'm noticing. Everything is multiplayer... If it's not then it's boring. Computer Ai just isn't fun anymore. Out of a bunch of games I played(which really isn't that many) on 7th generation consoles, I've noticed that story mode wasn't hard anymore and it...

    Nintendo Wii U -- What do you guys think?

    I'm not sure if I should post this in this section as it says emulation. But I can't seem to find anything that's off topic to emulation but deals with actual consoles. Move it if it's out of place and sorry. First, The Wii U is simply awesome. It has a huge new bizarre controller that...

    SEVENFOOTSWORD -- Trying to find my love for video games again.

    I grew up playing titles like ff series on ps(starting with 7). I basically loved a lot of classic games. Considered them my favorites. As I'm starting to get back into the whole gaming community, I've noticed that some of these beloved titles were mediocre in comparison or, more likely the...

    PCSP on Linux w/ Wine problems.

    Hi, I'm using wine to use pcsp. For some reason, the program loads, but the background screen is transparent. I can load a file but it won't start or really do anything. I can go into settings etc. I've noticed on the site that for v/4.0 they started developing for linux as a side project...