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    Github alternatives

    Because Github was buyed by microsoft its not safe anymore and can collect data. There are 3 alternatives: Bitbucket should be free pricing,codeberg is totally free and gitlab is for money. Thats all.
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    Hoxs64 v1.1.2.3
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    Uk Hardcore/Happy Hardcore

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    Free programing courses

    Better C course: Also complete C++ course:
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    Analyzing Customer Churn in a Subscription Service Thats should help you will write own function from this formula: For visualization you need this...
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    Compiling VICE 3.7 on Debian and Debian based distros and running

    Install dependencies by sudo apt build-dep vice and and if you want use cmake use sudo apt install cmake-gui. You can bulid it with cmake or ordinary make. Download source code: Unpack it with your archiver on...
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    VICE 3.7
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    Maslow pyramid
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    Winehq 8.15
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    Cemu 2.0 & 2.0-48 (Experimental) And other releases & changelog
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    mGBA 0.10.2
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    VBA-M 2.16
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    Nestopia UE 1.52.0

    Because now sourceforge not working im adding this version as attachment. Its win32 version to download you need to register and log in here.
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    Duolingo a free language learning platform

    Im recomending that site Many languages available in many languages just change site language. Creating acount and usage is free then you can learn everyday. Pros: fast easy free site with many things to learn Cons: Duolino app is not free also for learning you...
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    GCC Compiler family

    So there is alternative to closed source of compilers for C,C++,D,Objective C,Go,Rust,Fortran. You should not pay for them so there list: 1.GDC its a free D compiler for every platform by platform im mean computer architecture so os and cpu. Its a simple and powerfull...