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    New to the forum, quick question

    @joynerparsons Better optimized with extra features which make them faster and more powerfull. For example nes emulators have things like orginal nes never has like video filters and save states. And support more games even from famicom and famicom disk system. Such features have fceux.
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    Hello Friends

    @lunaterra Hello on forums have a great time.
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    Hello All Member

    @ericbaker Hello have a nice day. Im know nothing about jewelry this forum collects people focused on gaming.
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    convert a comma-separated string to a list

    @kulluM Here you go:
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    Nes emulators which i can recommend

    1.Messen Its a mature nes/famicom emulator focused on best gaming experience. 2.Nestopia UE Most popular and powerfull emulator. 3.Fceux Great tool for recording game progress. 4.PuNES New nes /famicom...
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    Top best sega emulators ever

    1.Gensis Plus GX Its a great opensource sega emulator. 2.Kega Fusion 3.PicoDrive
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    Real steps to freelancing
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    Java equals() selection

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    Kega Fusion Emulator & Mayflash Dolphin Bar sensitivity

    @three_views You can change sensitivity in windows by mouse and other pointing devices settings. Find int that mouse and then set up it.
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    Demul Can not find Atomiswave Bios

    @DisneyRob Did you check paths they should be not very long and mean short and did you check thats they use correct backslash. On linux is / but on windows \ also only english characters in path. It can be an error.
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    @Kantino Hello there.
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    Where to order an essay?

    She will not answer anymore or show here. Im think.
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    New fast e-book reader Koodo @Kantino
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    Nintendo 3DS Emulators

    @teriflag Write an greetings thread because here is in wrong section.