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    Yuzu and Metroid Dread

    Check compatibility list:
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    Best Emulator Options

    Im dont know that site and not look legit. You are spamming or you are serious ? You dont need other emulator than retroarch which can emulate everything. But you need controller. If not retroarch in which platform are you interested. By platform im mean old pcs,consoles...
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    Recomemended linux distro for beginers and experts
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    Doubt N64 emulation

    @ulaoulao So we need to write emulator or wait for other one ? With core written in assembly like this: CODE: _global_start: _DATA: push eax, pop eax, Etc... slowly i forget assembly :rolleyes:
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    Gameboy Advance Multiplayer

    @Neckless I see that feature has vba-m. Im giving screenshot. And how compile vba-m on debian or debian based distro: Then you can use sudo ninja make install or something like that. If you use windows or mac os you can...
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    Sonic 1 stopped working on Gens

    What version of gens are you using ? Anyway try retroarch it has got latest gens core: Lot of fixes. Every sonic works every time. You van also try mednafen with mednaffe gui. Mednafen...
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    Japanese music best composers and artists

    1.Susumu Hirasawa multi instrument composer most know from create music for anime. 2. Wagakki Band genre rock 3.Dj Yoji Biomechanika hardstyle 4.Meiko Nakahara city pop Post your favorite artists.
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    Doubt N64 emulation

    @theronmad BizHawk uses mupen core. So its similiar only choice gives retroarch.
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    Top anime series

    Neon Genesis Evangelion is also good but too dramatic.
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    Advice on VICE

    On video he shows that you need enable autostart option. Im know few words in italian i need to learn it more. I both speak and write armenian and russian.
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    vba glitch controls locked

    @pokeplayer21 The same error was with old vba-m : Change emulator and problems gone. :)
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    What are some safe emulators that I can download?

    @Noir61 Yes games working you can find more information here: