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    Is Popularity Everything?

    Idk about yall, but most of the games i've had have been cheap or knock offs. SO, when it came time to use a free months worth of gamefly, i wanted to try somehting i might like. I order a game called "Monster Ranchers 4" (pretty much a knock off of pokemon, in which i don't play). Point was i...
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    Low Process High Spped Emulation

    I believe to ensure more money and more downloads, that someone or something should make PS2 generation console emulators for low processor systems. I would make more sense to give options on the quality to ensure that even if the quality isn't completely HD, to at least ensure that we have...
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    YO YO YO!!!! What is Up!?!?!?!? This is LamonteTheGreatTV and I'm Lamonte The Great. And this is the forum for my new channel ON YOUTUBE!!!! I get to revive your youth by playing emulators and commentating. Everynow and then, I play with my friend scythe, and we'll play co-op. Please go there...