View Full Version : WinUAE 0.9.90 Released!

July 31st, 2004, 20:24
Here is what is new in this version of this Amiga emulator:New features: New Quickstart-panel. Easy and fast way to run disk-based games or demos. Simply select Amiga model, compatibility level, disk image and click start!
Hardware and host configuration separated. Create and use your own custom host configurations instead of build-in host configuration data from standard configuration files.
Kickstart ROM scanner and autodetection. (only official ROMs supported) Old-style ROM selection is still supported.
User configurable graphics filter presets.
Scaling support in all software filters.
Paths-panel added. User configurable ROM, statefile, screenshot etc.. paths.
Automatically return back to GUI if Kickstart ROM fails to load.
Added help-tooltips here and there.
More compatible paraport direct parallel port support.
Mapped filesystem P-flag to Windows System-flag, H-flag to Hidden and fixed inverted archive-flag.
Replaced "PC Joystick 0", "PC Joystick 1" and "PC Mouse" with select box listing all available input devices.
Configurable stereo separation and stereo mixing delay.
uaehf.device TD_GETGEOMETRY support.
USB keyboard led support.
Fullscreen mousehack (Tablet) support.
Directory filesystem emulation Windows Recycle Bin support.
Bugs fixed:
Ages old right border horizontal centering graphics bug.
ECS Agnus was always reported as an OCS Agnus (0.8.26)
68000 cycle-exact mode compatibility (0.8.26)
Floppy emulation writing bug (0.8.26, fixes SWOS disk error when saving).
Dialogs in fullscreen mode.
On the fly switching between A1000/CDTV/CD32 modes.
Swapping disk image sometimes changed another drive's disk image.
German keyboard #-key.
Windowed mode DFx,Power,etc.. "leds" are now non-96DPI compatible.
Minimized WinUAE jumping back to fullscreen by clicking on other program's taskbar buttons and other ALT-TAB handling updates.
CD32 pad emulation.
AIBB crash in 68020-mode.
Debugger keyboard freeze on some Windows 2000 systems.
and more..
You can get it from here (http://www.emulator-zone.com/doc.php/computer/winuae.html).