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    Hiya All, I'm new to this site and was wondering if there was anyone out there who could help me with my problem. I have recently downloaded a CD32 rom called Liberation:captive2 (class game) and unzipped the file to be presented with what looks like 2 image files and 10 .mp3 files. I then downloaded winUAE v1.3.0, alcohol 120% and daemon tools (as directed in a few forums). I have no problem with emulating the CD32..I have the kick roms required etc. its just that, when I load up the emulator I get the CD32 screen, the music and then a pic of a key..and thats all. I've tried mounting the ISO images with alcohol 120% but to be honest I've no idea what im doing. Ideally I'd like to burn the files from my hard drive onto a cd and play the game that way. Could anyone help me with the configuration settings I'd need to do so, as I miss this game like hell and am dying for a go of it P.s If theres anyone else out there looking for this rom I'd suggest searching google for the torrent of it ..not too hard to find Any help is greatly appreciated, thx

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    dunno. i have no idea how to answer any technical questions regarding this issue. try winfellow, its another amiga emulator
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