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Thread: Gamecube Emulators - Do they work?

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    Default Gamecube Emulators - Do they work?

    I realize Gamecube emulators and any other emulator for the current generation of consoles haven't really lifted off yet. My original intention was to get Mario Party 4 working. I thought it's kind of old, nothing too complex graphically, right? Are there screenshots anywhere of the kinds of visuals I'm going to see if I try?

    Also, I was going to bittorrent the ISO for Mario Party 4. I own the GC game, but thought it was too much of a hassle to get it on to the computer. Any other places to find GC games?

    Thanks for all the help in advance,
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    Default Re: Gamecube Emulators - Do they work?

    You can't ask for games here. As for Mario Party 4, it doesn't matter how complex the game is graphically. It's hard to emulate anyway.

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