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Thread: i'm new- question about controller

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    Default i'm new- question about controller

    i'm new to the emulators- honestly all i really want to do is play original tetris... i'm on a mac running osx. 10.4- can i buy just any usb game controller, and use it with the tetris rom?

    sorry if this is a stupid or obvious question...

    thanks for your time.


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    Default Re: i'm new- question about controller

    It's not a stupid question.
    On windows you can use almost any game controller for emulators I don't know a reason why it shouldn't work on a Mac.If you have a friend that has one try it.

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    Default Re: i'm new- question about controller

    right on... thanks so much. i think i'll go pick one up tonight and give it a shot.


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    Default Re: i'm new- question about controller

    you might also consider this.

    works better imo
    My home arcade project is offically underway!

    keep posted on it!!!

    Pictures of my nearly finished box up now at...

    and video at...

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