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    Default Newb here!

    Hello all. Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Steve, everyone calls me Dutch. I love MAME and currently have a 1up conversion with raspberry Pi

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    Hello there.

    Have fun on forums.
    “Talk is cheap. Show me the code.- Linus Torvalds ”

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    Red face Re: Newb here!

    remind me not to whale in enstars.
    they/them or he/him when referring to me.

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    New here too!

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    Hi, very glad to see you here!!!

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    You are welcome)

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    By the way, what else are you into?

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    Hello every I am also newbie here and I am glad to be part of this community and I think there is lot of things to learn thanks.

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    I'm also a newcomer, recently became nostalgic for old games - glad I found your forum, now I can with the help of emulators to remember my childhood!

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