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Thread: List of best Atari 2600 (stella) roms?

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    Default List of best Atari 2600 (stella) roms?

    I have a painfully long list of ROMs for my Atari 2600 emulator (Stella), and I'd like to make a "best of".

    Does anyone happen to have a list of good ROMs for the Atari 2600?

    Or am I doomed to editing this list by hand?

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    Default Re: List of best Atari 2600 (stella) roms?

    Thanks. I'd love to get these in the form of a list of ROMs, so I can make a script that makes a romlist for my front end (Attract Mode).

    I don't imagine anyone has such a list?

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    Default Re: List of best Atari 2600 (stella) roms?

    In case anyone else comes this way, here's the list of 100 or so Atari roms I collected from the various lists and comment threads out there. This is an Attract Mode rom list, but I had to adjust the ROM names for my non standard ROM names, which is admittedly dumb on on my part. It's a long story as to why (front end I used years ago would show ROM name, so I was cleaning them up, etc).

    Anyway, let me know if anyone notices any glaring omissions:

    3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (1978);3-D Tic-Tac-Toe;stella;;1978;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Adventure (1978);Adventure;stella;;1978;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Barnstorming (1982);Barnstorming;stella;;1982;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Basketball (1978);Basketball;stella;;1978;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Battlezone (1983);Battlezone;stella;;1983;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Boxing (1981);Boxing;stella;;1981;;;;;;;;;;;;
    California Games (1988);California Games;stella;;1988;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Cosmic Ark (1982);Cosmic Ark;stella;;1982;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Crystal Castles (1984);Crystal Castles;stella;;1984;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Defender (1981);Defender;stella;;1981;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Demon Attack (1982);Demon Attack;stella;;1982;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Dig Dug (1983);Dig Dug;stella;;1983;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Dodge 'em (1980);Dodge 'em;stella;;1980;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Donkey Kong (1983);Donkey Kong;stella;;1983;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Double Dragon (1989);Double Dragon;stella;;1989;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Double Dunk (1989);Double Dunk;stella;;1989;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Dragonfire (1982);Dragonfire;stella;;1982;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Dukes of Hazzard (Prototype);Dukes of Hazzard;stella;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Dukes of Hazzard V2 (Prototype);Dukes of Hazzard V2;stella;;1985;;;;;;;;;;;;
    E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial;E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial;stella;;1982;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Entombed (1982);Entombed;stella;;1982;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Fatal Run (1990);Fatal Run;stella;;1990;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Fishing Derby (1980);Fishing Derby;stella;;1980;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Freeway (1981);Freeway;stella;;1981;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Frogger (Official version by Sega) (1982);Frogger;stella;;1982;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Frogger II - Threedeep! (1983);Frogger II - Threedeep!;stella;;1983;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Frogs and Flies (1982);Frogs and Flies;stella;;1982;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Frostbite (1983);Frostbite;stella;;1983;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Galaxian (1983);Galaxian;stella;;1983;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Gravitar (1988);Gravitar;stella;;1988;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Gyruss (1984);Gyruss;stella;;1984;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Haunted House (1981);Haunted House;stella;;1981;;;;;;;;;;;;
    H.E.R.O. (1984);H.E.R.O.;stella;;1984;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Haunted House (1981);Haunted House;stella;;1981;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Indy 500 (1978);Indy 500;stella;;1978;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Journey - Escape (1982);Journey - Escape (1982);stella;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Joust (1982);Joust;stella;;1982;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Jr. Pac-Man (1984);Jr. Pac-Man;stella;;1984;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Jungle Hunt (1982);Jungle Hunt;stella;;1982;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Keystone Kapers (1983);Keystone Kapers;stella;;1983;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Kool Aid Man (1982);Kool Aid Man;stella;;1982;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Kung Fu Master (1984);Kung Fu Master;stella;;1984;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Laser Blast;Laser Blast;stella;;1981;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Mario Bros. (1983);Mario Bros;stella;;1983;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Maze Craze (1978);Maze Craze;stella;;1978;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Megamania (1982);Megamania;stella;;1982;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Midnight Magic (1984);Midnight Magic;stella;;1984;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Missile Command (1981);Missile Command;stella;;1981;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Mondo Pong V1 (Piero Cavina);Mondo Pong V1 (self published);stella;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Moon Patrol (1983);Moon Patrol;stella;;1983;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Montezuma's Revenge - Starring Panama Joe (1983);Montezuma's Revenge;stella;;1983;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Mountain King (1983);Mountain King;stella;;1983;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Ms. Pac-Man (1982);Ms. Pac-Man;stella;;1982;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Outlaw - GunSlinger (1978);Outlaw - GunSlinger;stella;;1978;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Pete Rose Baseball (1988) (Absolute);Pete Rose Baseball;stella;;1988;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Phoenix (1982);Phoenix;stella;;1982;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Pitfall 2 (1984);Pitfall 2;stella;;1984;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Pole Position (1983);Pole Position;stella;;1983;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Pressure Cooker (1983);Pressure Cooker;stella;;1983;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Private Eye (1983);Private Eye;stella;;1983;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Q-bert (1983);Q-bert;stella;;1983;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Radar Lock (1989);Radar Lock;stella;;1989;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Raiders of the Lost Ark (1982);Raiders of the Lost Ark;stella;;1982;;;;;;;;;;;;
    RealSports Baseball (1982);RealSports Baseball;stella;;1982;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Red Pong Number 2 Demo 2;Red Pong Number 2 (self published?);stella;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Riddle of the Sphinx (1982);Riddle of the Sphinx;stella;;1982;;;;;;;;;;;;
    River Raid (1982);River Raid;stella;;1982;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Robot Tank (1983);Robot Tank;stella;;1983;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Seaquest (1983);Seaquest;stella;;1983;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Secret Quest (1989);Secret Quest;stella;;1989;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Solar Fox (1983);Solar Fox;stella;;1983;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Solaris (1986);Solaris;stella;;1986;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Space Invaders (1978);Space Invaders;stella;;1978;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Spider Fighter (1983);Spider Fighter;stella;;1983;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Spider-Man (1982);Spider-Man;stella;;1982;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Spy Hunter (1983);Spy Hunter;stella;;1983;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Stampede (1981);Stampede;stella;;1981;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Star Raiders (1982);Star Raiders;stella;;1982;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Star Trek - Strategic Operations Simulator (1983);Star Trek - Strategic Operations Simulator;stella;;1983;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Star Voyager (1982);Star Voyager;stella;;1982;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Star Wars - Jedi Arena (1983);Star Wars - Jedi Arena;stella;;1983;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back (1982);Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back;stella;;1982;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Stargate (1984);Stargate;stella;;1984;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Stellar Track (1980);Stellar Track;stella;;1980;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Super Breakout (1978);Super Breakout;stella;;1978;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Surf's Up (Amiga);Surf's Up;stella;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Superman (1978);Superman;stella;;1978;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Surround (1978);Surround;stella;;1978;;;;;;;;;;;;
    SwordQuest - Earthworld (1982);SwordQuest - Earthworld;stella;;1982;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Tac Scan (1983);Tac Scan;stella;;1983;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Tempest (Prototype);Tempest (prototype);stella;;1984;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The (1983);Texas Chainsaw Massacre;stella;;1983;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Threshold (1982);Threshold;stella;;1982;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Thunderground (1983);Thunderground;stella;;1983;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Title Match Pro Wrestling (1987) (Absolute);Title Match Pro Wrestling;stella;;1987;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Warlords (1981);Warlords;stella;;1981;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Word Zapper (1982);Word Zapper;stella;;1982;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Yar's Revenge (1981);Yar's Revenge;stella;;1981;;;;;;;;;;;;

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