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Thread: Mega Man Remastered ROM patch--not working

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    Default Mega Man Remastered ROM patch--not working

    I have been having trouble applying the Mega Man Remastered ROM patch:

    My original ROM file plays fine in both Mesen and on my Everdrive N8 Pro Famicom. When I patch the ROM and run it I just get a black screen. I am using the Mega Man (USA).nes - NOINTRO ROM.

    Anyone else try this patch? What am I doing wrong?

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    Default Re: Mega Man Remastered ROM patch--not working

    Having same problem here! Waiting for help!
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    Default Re: Mega Man Remastered ROM patch--not working

    Maybe i was find solution but i cant tested it because im dont have windows.

    1.Change mapper to mapper 4 with cajones.

    2.Apply patch with lips

    3.Run emulator or load everdrive n8.

    You can also try nestopia 1.42 because it has option edit ines header.

    Nestopia 1.42.0 unofficial
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