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Thread: Dolphin WWI Controller issues

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    Default Dolphin WWI Controller issues

    I have my WII Controller recognized by my computer.
    I can see the icon in my devices and printers menu
    IT tells me this device is working properly
    However when I try to connect it to Dolphin nothing happens.
    First I press refresh over and over again and the button only greys out when I am clicking it.
    Secondly when I do that , the Nintendo RVL-CNT-01 icon dissapears from my Devices and Printers menu, only to return on its own a few seconds later
    Any thoughts.

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    Default Re: Dolphin WWI Controller issues

    This is normally fixed by try/getting another BT dongle or using another BT stack. I use a cracked Toshiba stack myself but many other I hear work. Search you tube for "dolphin" "installing Bluetooth stack" .
    Original, the only way to play.

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