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    Exclamation About Kega Fusion

    So uh I'm new here, There's a problem about Kega Fusion
    Literally the emulator was been having viruses, I scanned it using VirusTotal, It was full of viruses, So I downloaded another one(copy), I scanned it using virustotal, No virus was in here, After I turn off my pc(to rest), I come to virustotal then I scanned the emulator, Again virustotal says that there's virus on it, Plus the file size was 2.75 mb from now, It was 2.65 MB(as I remember) before I turn off my pc, After I turn on my pc, I checked the folder(Name: Kega364) then the file size was 2.75 again, So guys, Is there something wrong? Or Virustotal making false positive about it? Even Windows warns me about it, The box says "Windows File Protection" then its asks me to insert its disk, I guess virustotal making false positive about it, Who knows?

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    Or in web there is hacked version.

    Im recomend to use gens or retroarch with correct sega core.

    You can also use SFF emulator.
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