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Thread: Mesen, ZSNESW, and VisualBoy Advance do not work

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    Default Mesen, ZSNESW, and VisualBoy Advance do not work

    Ever since I upgraded to Windows 10, I haven't been able to load any emulators. Mesen and ZSNESW both immediately freeze up and stop responding as soon as the emulator loads, before I can even load a ROM. Visual Boy Advance doesn't even show up at all. It's in my task manager, but only as a process, not an app. I even downloaded the version of VBA that was released on Haloween 2015, and that emulator actually loads, but it still has the same problem as before of instantly freezing.

    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Mesen, ZSNESW, and VisualBoy Advance do not work

    There is only one solution.

    Try RetroArch with any core for gameboy,nes and snes.

    For me also emulators can few times freeze.

    Windows 10 is know to have issues.

    Other way is try other emulators:

    Punes for nes,Snes9x for snes and mgba for gameboy.

    And see what which results you will have.

    But im more recomend RetroArch.

    There is more emulators here list :
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