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    I'm trying to play pokemon yellow on a gameboy emulator, but no matter which one I choose I never get the "continue" option on the main screen. No matter what I do. I've changed ROMs, I've changed emulator about half a dozen times, I've changed computers and I've even created a Windows 7 VM to try to run the thing. All of those had the same result: I checked that the .sav file had the same name as the .gb file, and that they were in the same dir, and then ran the emulator, only to not have a "continue" option on the start screen. Please help!

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    Did you change save type :
    There are quite a few games that need tweaks to work with vba.
    Try changing the save type (Options->Emulator->Save Type) or the save size (Options->Emulator->Save Type).

    I find that the save type usually is either EEPROM or SRAM.
    You have to change the save type to Flash 64k, maybe it was in 128k just like mine

    Emulator -> Save Type -> Flash 64k
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