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Thread: Looking for help dialing in my emulator, any suggestions?

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    Default Looking for help dialing in my emulator, any suggestions?

    Hi everyone, I recently purchased an emulator system from and it works fine but I'm hoping to find someone I can pay to fix my controller configuration since working on anything having to do with computers is not exactly my strong point to say the least. After playing around with it for a bit I found that I wanted to change the button layout so I went into the configuration menu in the MAME section to see if it would be relatively simple. Well I'm sure it is for someone knowledgeable, but being hopeless with such things I managed to screw it up pretty good so it's clear I'm going to need to hire someone competent to do it for me.

    This system came with rather cheap aftermarket controllers so first off I'd like to purchase the best compatible ones available at any price (XBox??, PS4??)and then have them set up to my liking. I'm in northern CA so if there's anyone in the Sacramento or Bay Area who would be willing to take on the project it would be much appreciated and I'll certainly pay for the work involved.

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