So im new to emulation and this site so i apologize if im doing something wrong. But i have a question. I have a PC, a nintendo switch, DS Lite, DSi XL, xbox 360, xbox one,and a playstation vita. I also have a 16gb micro sd card. Is it possible to emulate a game like pokemon fire red on any of these things i own using only the micro sd card or a normal sd card? I have seen these SX cards and R4 cards but i dont have money to buy and im just looking to give my son a late christmas present; a console that i already have but is able to play the games that i played when i was younger. I know I can emulate gba games on PC and its possibly the easiest way but my son as well as me prefer a controller not a keyboard - but i broke the cable that attaches my xbox one controller to my pc. Im hoping someone can help me so i can give me kid a fun old game to play.