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Thread: Changing Graphics Card used by Project 64

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    Default Changing Graphics Card used by Project 64

    So my PC, a Dell gaming laptop, uses both Intel integrated graphics and Nvidea Geforce GTX graphics. The former is used for services that don't require much graphical power, while the latter is used for things like games. However, for the Project 64 emulator, it seems to default to using the crappy integrated Intel graphics, which is causing problems for me in emulating games like Super Mario 64. Currently, when I go to graphics configuration, it shows Intel(R) HD Graphics 530, which is why I know it's using the integrated graphics. However, I want to use my Nvidea dedicated GPU instead, but I am not sure how. Even when I right click the project64.exe, a select run with Nvidea, when I go to graphics configuration, it still shows Intel HD. Anyone know how I can change the GPU that Project 64 uses?

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    plugin i think
    and here about plugins:
    and from site :
    Project64 and OthersEdit

    Commonly Used
    Shunyuan's HLE Audio (set to LLE)
    HatCat's MLE RSP or Zilmar's RSP
    Either of the RSP plugin should be fine for most games. Keep both of them around just in case. Although, HatCat's RSP plugin is more compatible, but Zilmar's tends to be faster. Keep in mind that Glide64 is the same as Glide64 Final. Glide64 is just a merge of Glide64, GlideHQ, and Glitch64 (which of course the final version has) to be one file, but limits you to certain settings that cannot be changed with the emulator.
    Best Performance
    Glide64 Final
    Azimer's HLE Audio
    Zilmar's RSP
    Make sure you configure the graphics plugin to show texture enhancement options. Then you'll have an extra tab to change more options. Goto the texture enhancement tab and click on the button that gives best performance and it should improve framerate once you saved the settings. There's also another button for best texture quality. There's no need to touch the other plugins. Recommended for most emulators.
    Shunyuan's SoftGraphic
    Shunyuan's HLE Audio
    HatCat's MLE RSP
    Do not expect to run the emulator with these plugins without a powerful PC. Audio can mislead easily if it's not in sync with the graphics when using without a powerful PC. Gives best and most accurate appearance, but will give up a big amount of framerates just to run it.
    HatCat's Pixel-Accurate N64 plugin - Based on Angrylion's RDP code and the MAME/MESS RDP renders pixel-perfect native resolution N64 graphics. It's even more accurate and slower than Shunyuan's SoftGraphic HLE plugin,ölplp,lp,lk,l,,kl


    Mupen64Plus has its own set of plugins which are incompatible with plugins used in other emulators. Here is an overview of recommended setups.

    Commonly Used
    Video: Glide64 or Glide64mk2
    RSP: cxd4-hlevideo
    Glide64mk2 is just Glide64 with additional tweaks and enhancements for use with Mupen64Plus. The hlevideo variant of the cxd4 RSP is basically a port of HatCat's MLE RSP plugin for Project64. This appears to be the best combination for use with most games, though toasters may have performance issues.
    Best Performance and Graphics
    Video: Rice
    RSP: rsp-hle
    These are Mupen64Plus's default plugins. Rice's Video is a plugin used also with other N64 emulators, most known for its support for hi-res texture packs, now enhanced for Mupen64plus and it also has support for Bilinear, Trilinear and Anisotropic Filtering, texture scaling and up to 16x MSAA.There are many versions and forks of this plugin but generally it's less accurate than Glide64 and may have graphical glitches on some games, but it does well enough for most others and is quite fast. The default RSP plugin appears to be a slightly touched up port of vanilla Mupen64's RSP. Use this combination if you want best graphics or have a lower end PC and can't handle the General Use setup.
    Accuracy/Rogue Squadron
    Video: z64
    RSP: cxd4
    z64 is a port of z64gl, a low-level emulation video plugin for N64 emulators. It comes with its own accompanying z64 RSP, but cxd4 (a port of HatCat's RSP Interpreter plugin) appears to be more accurate and very well optimized. This setup is capable of playing difficult games like Rogue Squadron with very few graphical glitches, and faster than on Project64 to boot.
    HatCat's Pixel-Accurate N64 plugin(Only available with RetroArch version of Mupen64Plus) - Based on Angrylion's RDP code and the MAME/MESS RDP renders pixel-perfect native resolution N64 graphics. It's even more accurate and slower than Shunyuan's SoftGraphic HLE plugin
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    Default Re: Changing Graphics Card used by Project 64

    It worked! That was easy.

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