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Thread: PicoDrive v1.51 (Genesis/Sega CD) for Symbians phones screen bug

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    Post PicoDrive v1.51 (Genesis/Sega CD) for Symbians phones screen bug

    Hello guys! I am having some problems with
    the emulator "PicoDrive" (v 1.51 version that is
    the most current) of Sega Genesis and Sega CD
    on my phone Nokia E63 Symbian 9.2 operating
    system 60 3.1 Edition. The problem is this:
    whenever I open the emulator on my cell phone and push any key in less than 8
    seconds the emulator screen gives a bug that is
    all blue and white with tracks and pixels. The
    bizarre is that if I open any ROM with in the app
    to the play screen is all black and white and is
    practically impossible to play (NOTE: this bug happens every 6 seconds) how do I solve this?
    My problem is the same as this one: video is in Russian but quite this
    demonic bug!
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    Default Re: PicoDrive v1.51 (Genesis/Sega CD) for Symbians phones screen bug
    Q. What are all those letters at the end of game titles?
    A. They are symbols that help us to identify games. Here is a list of what they all mean:
    Standard Codes:
    [a] - Alternate
    [b] - Bad Dump
    [BF] - Bung Fix
    [c] - Cracked
    [f] - Other Fix
    [h] - Hack
    [o] - Overdump
    [p] - Pirate
    [t] - Trained
    [T] - Translation
    (Unl) - Unlicensed
    [x] - Bad Checksum
    ZZZ_ - Unclassified
    [!] - Verified Good Dump
    (???k) - ROM Size Special Codes:
    [C] - Color GameBoy
    [S] - Super GameBoy
    (M#) - Multilanguage (# of Languages)
    [M] - Mono Only (NeoGeo Pocket)
    (PC10) - PlayChoice 10 (NES)
    (1) - Japan (Genesis)
    (4) - USA (Genesis)
    (5) - NTSC Only (Genesis)
    (8) - PAL Only (Genesis)
    (BS) - BS ROMS (SNES)
    (ST) - Sufami Turbo (SNES)
    (NP) - Nintendo Power (SNES)
    (Adam) - ADAM Version (Coleco)
    (PAL) - PAL Video Country Codes:
    (A) - Australian
    (C) - Chinese
    (E) - Europe
    (F) - French
    (FN) - Finland
    (G) - German
    (GR) - Greece
    (HK) - Hong Kong
    (I) - Italian
    (J) - Japan
    (K) - Korean
    (NL) - Dutch
    (PD) - Public Domain
    (S) - Spanish
    (SW) - Sweden
    (U) - USA
    (UK) - England
    (Unk) - Unknown Country
    (-) - Unknown Country

    tell me what is your rom b or !
    do you have lates bios?
    and your video and cpu emulation settings
    under video is coment:Олег Кавальковский 5 years ago
    download software ACTIVE FILE then go in and select the menu --- --- start ---- tools-----memorial display or menu ----tools------ start Battery Monitor! However, this does not help the game asphalt 3. N-Gage
    you dont know cyrylic so i write his name:
    Oleg Kawalkowski damn russian >.>
    here other video from Czech Republic
    works fine you need old version or this above
    on 1.35 and 1.51b works fine *The Irony of Life*
    here hungarian

    next video
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