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    Hi guys, i am trying to connect my xbox one controller to the NeoRageX emulator but it doesn't seem to work, and i need to know what im doing wrong, as i have gotten the drivers for my xbox one controller to be attached to the PC but i can't use it in the EMu any solutions?

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    Im sorry EmulatorZone Crew because im answering on this old post
    *There is no Posibility!* to do that neogeorage is old emulator *Only Can Emulate Pad!*
    use real pad like xbox one is imposible im recomend other neogeo emulators like :
    MAME, or multisystem bulid in calld RetroArch
    every new emulator should use gamepad with drivers

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    It's only a year old or so, that fine. But yes I agree, the xbox 360 and xbxo one are xinput. That emulator support dinput, thus the only way to do this is with x360ce. x360ce will allow the xinput and convert it to dinput with a virtual joystick driver. Then in neorage you just use that virtual driver instead.

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