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Thread: Favorite system

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    What was your favorite computer system of 90's?

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    Win 98 I suppose as you had both Windows and Dos, and then you could play the 'shoot them up' games such as doom, wolfenstein 3d and so on.
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    Windows ME was also DOS bassed but many people didn't know it. Windows XP was the first nt OS to allow DOS games and did a really good job at it. Then came DOSBOX and ruled.

    In the 90's I used the latest m$ OS as well at UNIX during school. Favorite goes to UNIX with the NEXT shell just because of all the cool stuff one could do with it.
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    My favorite tweak must be arch linux, you just intall it and your pc turns good

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    Windows XP was the first nt OS to allow DOS games and did a really good job at it

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    Which operating system is your favorite? For me i love to use windows operating system and currently i am using windows 7 the latest version of microsoft windows operating system. Which one is your favorite?

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    Quote Originally Posted by michaelm9945 View Post
    What was your favorite computer system of 90's?
    I did not have a system at that time

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    The SNES had the best side-scrolling games EVER Super Star Wars, SESB, and SRoTJ are three of my all time favorite games.


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    First the PC, because I grew up with it.
    Second the OG Microsoft XBOX, you can do so much with this huge thingy. Mine is TSOPed, has a larger HDD and CoinOps Ninja on it aaaaaaand my Xbox is a Slim Mod.
    Third place goes to the Sony Playstation 2, "Burnout Revenge" is awesome.

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    personally, I prefer the operating system Windows 7, I used it for years, now I use the windows 8

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