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Thread: PS2 controller dolphin setup help!!!!

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    Default PS2 controller dolphin setup help!!!!

    Ok, so I lost my copy of twilight princess for the wii and i got dolphin emulator but never used. SO, I decided to get the gamecube version of twilight princess. I don't have a gamecube controller, so I used a PS2 controller with a Twin USB Joystick. But, when I try to configure it, the buttons don't configure right. When I do c-stick up, I do up on the right analog stick of the controller, which is what I want to use for the c-stick. But when I do Right analog stick up, it does triangle, which is apparaently the same thing, and left is square, right is circle, and down is x. Same with the left analog stick, but when I do up, it also does up on the ps2's d-pad!

    This is what I want:

    A = X
    B = Circle
    X = Triangle
    Y = Square
    Main Stick = Left Analog Stick
    C-Stick = Right Analog Stick
    Z = R1
    R = R2
    L = L2
    D-pad = D-pad

    How do I fix this problem?????
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    Default Re: PS2 controller dolphin setup help!!!!

    All you need to do is remap it in dolphin.

    Do this for the button

    the rest is simple. When you are mapping the c-stick just press the Right analog stick, etc...
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