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Thread: Epsxe is pissing me off

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    Angry Epsxe is pissing me off

    ok so i know this has been asked a million times but i really dont feel like searching for hours to find my solution. so i figured it would be quicker to just ask. ok so i got epsxe 1.8.0 and for the first few days it was working just fine, no problems, no lag, nothing wrong, but when i went to play yesterday it froze on me as soon as a pressed V (keyboard 'start' button i have set) i tried numerous time and everytime as soon as i pressed a button it would freeze. i could exit out of it jut fine without a problem. i tried with other games and they wouldn't even load, the screen just stayed black. what the heck happened to my emulator?! and yes, all the emoticons were necessary

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    Geez, Ive never heard of something like that happening! Have you tried downgrading your Espxe to the previous version, or, have you tried reconfiguring your plugin set up? It might be a thing where something isn't properly registered.

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    First time I heard this kind of problem. Might have something to do with hardware or other software messing with emulator.

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