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Thread: MESS 0.148 not recognizing Atari 7800 roms

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    Default MESS 0.148 not recognizing Atari 7800 roms


    I'm messing around with MESS. So far I have Vectrex, Fairchild Channel F, Atari 2600, Atari 5200 as well as various MAME arcade games up and running. I've gathered scores of Atari 7800 roms from here and there, but the command

    :>messpp -romident

    is giving me the NOT A ROM response for every single one of them. To be clear, I'm not getting the somewhat less unfriendly NO MATCH.

    I've tested a few of them on other 7800 emulators and I've tried a few different rom sites to see if MESS was friendlier to their roms with no luck. The MESS wiki briefly mentions that 7800 roms make need to have headers striped out in order to be compatible, but upon examining a rom with a hex editor, it is not clear to me how to edit them and I can't seem to find any more detailed instructions on how to do so.

    I don't know what I'm overlooking. If anyone has any insights, please share. Thanks.

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    Default Re: MESS 0.148 not recognizing Atari 7800 roms

    download a bios pack for MESS 148 see if that will help.

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