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    Hey guys,

    I just got Pokemon emerald and i got 5 badges already. Im afraid my save file will be corrupted or something bad will happen because i might try out some cheats and i want some certain pokemons that are exclusive. My question is how can i protect my current save file? i can use that one as a kind of ''back-up'' like if i play tomorrow and at a certain point it says my save file is corrupted(because i used cheat code ) so i can always have my original save file which isnt corrupted and know that cheat brings up trouble.

    It will be my first time using cheat code so i am kind off scared my save file will be screwed. Thats why i want to protect my current save file so i can use the other one to test it out and if it brings up trouble i know that the cheat code bring trouble.

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    Default Re: Save File Question :)

    Are you using an emulator or a proper console?

    If youre using an emulator, there should be a save state feature you can use before cheating, and reload that save state if it does mess up.

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    Yes, if you are playing with emulator, you just need to copy the save file to somewhere safe(in different folder with original).

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    save states should work if you are using an emulator, simple and easy

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