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Thread: Vba and Pok?mon Emerald

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    Hey everyone,

    I recently downloaded Vba and I downloaded Pok?mon Emerald for it, but when I start up the game, it will notify me that the 'internal battery has run dry' Which basically means that time-based event won't occur anymore ( Ergo, I can't fight agaist the same trainer after leaving him alone for a while) Which makes progressing within the game a tad more difficult. Is there a way to fix this problem?


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    the easiest solution is open vba then go >> options >> emulator >> then enable "Real Time Clock". if that works. good. if it doesn't there is one more alternative:

    1: create a blank new text file and place it in the same directory as vba
    2: rename the text file to vba-over.ini (instead of .txt)
    3: open the text file and type the following:


    then save it and your done.


    this will only work for pokemon emerald. if you want the real time enabled this way in another game simply just replace the [BPEE] with whatever the game code is. find this out by opening the rom then going >> file >> rom information>> then find the game code and replace the [BPEE] with that code. for both codes at the same time, just type it twice such as:

    (for both emerald and sapphire)



    then save again. done

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