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Thread: Favorite Game Companies?

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    Default Favorite Game Companies?

    Alright, i've been playing games and noticing the same names on some games that are just always good. This has lead to like the same name I see on all those different game boxes and what not.

    So... I'm starting a thread to announce your favorite video game developing company.

    Well, mine is none other than the great Intelligent Systems Company. I did some little research on these guys. They're surprisingly a subsidiary company of none other than Nintendo... Me fave console making/publishing company.

    Why do I like these guys? Hmm I think it's kind of cool how they started out with 1 guy and he was doing ports. Obviously this guy was bad ass because he got his own company that now has 123 employees. I also just like the name of the company... I feel like it goes with the games they make and the gameplay that was in them (idk if that's even remotely a good or intelligent reason lol) but games like Fire Emblem && Advance Wars. They also made games like Warioware which is the #1 rated game on IGN best advance games list. Hmm... I also noticed games like mario kart was on their so I didn't know if there was some type of nintendo publishing influence or not... but since they made games like the previously stated ones, I bet not.

    Also they made paper mario... Haven't played really but if one things for certain they need a more kick ass music soundtrack but i digress.

    Yeah... that's my favorite company right now. Really inspiring guys. Nintendo! haha

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    Default Re: Favorite Game Companies?

    Nintendo of course and konami were my favorites. As a kid I liked Sierra ( text adventures ) and what was ID software ( aka Apogee ).
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    Default Re: Favorite Game Companies?

    Yeah konami is a pretty nice company. MGS is and will be classic. I can't wait in till the next one with raiden. I , for some reason, think the online play will be sick. I know that really goes against what they're really all about for MGS... but i'm hoping.

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    Default Re: Favorite Game Companies?

    Nintendo, Blizzard, Old Zipper, old Rare.

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    Default Re: Favorite Game Companies?

    Blizzard is a nice company. Umm, I was about to put more companies that I was into but I decided not to. Blizzard would of definitely been one of them.

    I remember starcraft.... trying to convince my mom I was sick to stay home just to play more than two games a day. I have 2 but i digress. (damn... I never achieved gosu ... I could of though!)

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    Default Re: Favorite Game Companies?

    Some of mine are Atari and 3DO, along with Rareware and Hasbro Interactive.

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    Default Re: Favorite Game Companies?

    Nintendo, Konami, Square-Enix (Thought most of the games were when the company was just Square or Squaresoft), Capcom, Bioware.

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    Default Re: Favorite Game Companies?

    shout out to square-enix. they started off broke and managed a breakthrough back in the day with final fantasy and dragon quest. Lately they have been criticised WAY TOO MUCH. ESPECIALLY with the new final fantasy's. e.g. XII, XIII, XIII-2 even X to a degree.

    Before XII was released, the fans were BEGGING for a more fast paced, more exploration dependant game where there would be less random battles and instead to move on from the trademark RPG battle style to something where you might choose to get in a battle or not. Square-Enix listened. and responded with the active-dimension-battle-system. Then, all a bunch of the fans could do was start bagging on the game more about how it was such a big mistake and how they want VII back or X back.

    So i dont think square-enix is doing a bad job at all. they are just being innovative and thinking of new ideas. Why not? thats what the fans wanted, but all you could do was literally slap them in the face.

    Another aspect of the series but especially the transition from X to XII was the music. Nobuo Uematsu was announced to not be working on the soundtrack for future FF's but instead would drop little jewels on the soundtracks every now and then. I look at comments on youtube about these soundtracks and some are just arrogant. Hitoshi Sakimoto and Masashi Hamauzu were assigned to replace Nobuo. And of course they would sound different. they are different people. As a musician myself a lot of people probably don't appreciate the DIFFICULTY of writing a prodominately instrumental piece of music. Being mostly instrumental means that ALL the emotion is based wholly on the the sound, melody, beat and rhythms of the music. Drawing emotion from someone through music is not easy yet you see comments (that aren't deliberate trolls) like "oh, i hated this game and its music" but some mention after 2 hours of gameplay they immediately excused the game as bad. but you have to give it a chance, two hours isnt enough to make a fair judgement, eepecially since most new ff games take upwards of 100 to 200 hours to complete, 300 for full completion (all weapons, lvl 99, etc..).

    Anyway, everyone will be happy since square will probably remake X again and maybe even VII... Because the bottom line is you will NEVER get another VII or X. I bet some will even say, oh it just doesn't feel the same on the ps3, man i want my ps2 back.
    thats not critique, thats nostalgia and its a common fact that most of the time the first movie, book, game of your favorite series is usually the best in your opinion. so yeah think about it. WOW this is long but seriously...

    I admire Square-Enix for their consistancy and good quality, good lengthed games despite having some of the most criticising "fans" ever. I myself, am not really a big fan but as I said, I admire them and hate arrogance. ESPECIALLY over the internet where no one can see you. Just thought id let yall know
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    Default Re: Favorite Game Companies?

    Quote Originally Posted by ulaoulao View Post
    Nintendo of course and konami were my favorites. As a kid I liked Sierra ( text adventures ) and what was ID software ( aka Apogee ).
    I remember all those games by ID, like crystal caves, duke and secret agent. ahh those were the best on my old windows 95... as for Sierra, the incredible machine was me and my friends fave game on pc in primary school. it was on the school computers because it was seen as educational. but i mean, what a great idea for a game. i loved making random machines like, with the pinball whacker things and mice in cages... strings and all...

    sorry for the double post. but please dont delete... i like expressing my opinion. lol
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    Default Re: Favorite Game Companies?

    Additionally to already mentioned:

    - Enix / Quinted before they merged with good old Squaresoft to SquareEnix.
    - Capcom
    - SNK
    - Sega
    - Treasure
    - Namco

    These aren't insider tips, only Treasure could be one that do not know everyone. All others should be widley known.

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