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Thread: Please help [Buying a laptop for PCSX2]

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    Default Please help [Buying a laptop for PCSX2]

    Please help [Buying a laptop for PCSX2]
    Hello this is my first time posting on here and I just want some advice. Pleased don't make this more complicated than it needs to be. I am purchasing a Macbook Pro, I know that Macbook Pros are not the best for gaming and Alienware's are better etc.. I'm am getting a Macbbook Pro.

    I currently own a Macbook Pro 15 inch, which I bought last year, I run Bootcamp on it which allows me to run windows. However, I want to upgrade my Macbook Pro because they released new ones with better specs. Right now the only PCSX2 games that I can run on my current Macbook is FFX and other rpgs, but even so, they do not run very well and lag a bit. Other more demanding games are unplayable, ie, they lag a lot. The new Macbook Pro which I want to buy is at this site:

    I want to buy the 15 inch 2.2GHz quad-core
    Intel Core i7
    4GB ram 1333MHz [with an option to upgrade to 8gb ram]
    750GB 5400-rpm1
    Intel HD Graphics 3000
    AMD Radeon HD 6750M with 1GB GDDR5

    So I would like to know if this will be strong enough to run PCSX2. I am particularly worried about about the memory [ram], which is 4gb (that's how much ram i currently have on current 2010 macbook pro). Will the ram be enough? What about the GPU? My current GPU is a Nvidia 330m [254mb ram] and it cant run pscx2 well. Will the new GPU in the new macbook pro [AMD Radeon HD 6750M with 1GB GDDR5] make up for the 4gb of ram memory? Or do i need to get the 8 gb of ram instead of 4gb for an extra $200.

    Thanks in advance. I know I know, get an Alienware, please stick to my question and advise accordingly.

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    Default Re: Please help [Buying a laptop for PCSX2]

    Alienware is over priced, its so much easier to make your own rig. Yeah, the Radeon HD should be enough to run PCSX2 game okay enough. About the Ram issue, are you ordering it to come built in, or does is it modifiable as to add more ram later if you seem to think you need more ram? If it is modifiable, then I would try seeing how well it runs with 4 gigs then up it to 8 if need be.

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    Default Re: Please help [Buying a laptop for PCSX2]

    Thanks for your reply but I actually think that I am going to get a Sager laptop instead. What do you think? The specs are as follows:

    The Sager NP5175

    Display 17.3" Full HD LED-Backlit Display with Super Glossy Surface (1920 x 1080)

    Video & Graphics Card 2GB GDDR3 Nvidia GeForce GT 555M GPU with Optimus Technology / Embedded Intel HD Graphics

    CPU Processor 2nd Generation Intel? Core? i5-2520M Processor ( 3MB L3 Cache, 2.50GHz)

    Thermal Compound Stock Standard Thermal Compound

    Operating System Genuine MS Windows? 7 Home Premium 32/64-Bit Edition ( 64-Bit Preloaded )

    Memory 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM at 1333MHz - 2 X 4GB [8gb total] [upgraded from 4gb]

    Primary Hard Disk Drive 500GB 7200rpm SATA 300 Hard Drive

    Optical Drive Bay ? Optical Drive or Hard Disk Drive in Optical Drive Bay with Caddy case 8X DVD?R/RW/4X +DL Super-Multi Drive & Software

    Wireless Network Card Internal 802.11 B+G+N Wireless LAN + Bluetooth Combo Module

    Primary Battery Smart Li-ION Battery Pack

    Microsoft Office Microsoft Office Starter 2010 - Included in Price

    Warranty Sager 1 Year Limited Parts and Labor Warranty

    Carrying Bag Standard Carrying Bag

    Sub Total: $1,124.00
    Sales Tax: $0.00
    Shipping: $0.00
    Total: $1,124.00

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