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Thread: Android Emulator cheat help for Pokemon Emerald?

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    Default Android Emulator cheat help for Pokemon Emerald?

    Ok, first off I'm new to the whole emulator thing and was just now aware such things existed. I have a gba emulator on my android phone, "Tiger GBA". I have downloaded and started playing pokemon emerald and fire red. I'm just wondering if theres anyway i can add cheats or anything like a gameshark or codebreaker in with that to have my pokemon lvl 99 or whatever? like a dupe item code or even if theres some way to run a gameshark emulator with the gba one also? Any idea helps i'm willing to try just about anything right now. Anything cheat related will help, even if its a glitch or doesn't need a emulator or rom to do it. Not asking to help me find a rom or anything, I don't want to get banned or in trouble. I just would like some cheats or something.

    As another side note my friends also been playing, is there anyway to trade pokemon from android to android?
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