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    K i love Project 64 used with my old comptuer with windows xp now i have new comp with windows 7 and when i install emu and plugins i start it to play Super Smash Bros anyways 1st time opening it prompts me to use real plugins so i drop box and select these and it crashes nothing i can do will bring it back to life so i have to un install ive tried adding windows service pack 3 for xp cuz that was the last platform i was using (it worked great) but nothing helps it plz some one help me ive signed up for about 6 different fourms to try and get an awnser but no luck so far ty for your time XD

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    Post your Specs. Or it could be a problem on PJ64's end.

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    Is your Windows 7 64bit? You try downloading a different emulator, I am running Mupen64 on my computer and it is working perfectly fine. If you decide to use a different emulator, make sure to copy the plugins from Project64 and into the other emulator. Also, it might help to see what Windows Update has, it might just be a graphics driver issue.

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