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    Is there a way to convert .rom to .bin? Because the Matrimelee rom I have is all .rom.

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    Just rename them. There is no need to use a converter software to do such thing.
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    So the .rom file is a binary file as well... interesting...

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    Default Re: MAME, NEORAGE WTF?

    ok so i love this game i just got a dingoo a320 its a litle emulater handheld and i was looking up games for it i found this game downloaded it converted it into my format and ive been playing the fuck out of it since but..... when i tried to play it on mame it didnt show up in the avalable folder i went to the unavalable folder and tried to play it form their gess what it fucking worked!!!
    i played it twice got my ass wooped closed it tried to open it agein and it stopped working i dont know what the hell happened im gunu try a new emulator but wtf...

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