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Thread: Rice's Video Plugin 5.6.0.

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    Default Rice's Video Plugin 5.6.0.

    Trying to use this one, seems to be good, but there are quite many options I don't understand. Also every game I have seems to work, but there is always something wrong... like Quake64, I can't access underwater, the screen stops on top of the water (but the game continues at the backround)...

    Do I have some buffer options wrong or what? What it takes?
    Most of the games are playable, but Quake64 isn't because of that...

    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Rice's Video Plugin 5.6.0.

    Rice's Video Plugin is a pretty advanced one usually used by Emulator designers to debug things and try Hi-Res things and such. Its an excellent plugin if you are doing that type of stuff, but it really isn't designed with gameplay graphics in mind.

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