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Thread: ePSXe wont run iso : Opcode 11 unk (pc000000a4) (358,165)

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    Default ePSXe wont run iso : Opcode 11 unk (pc000000a4) (358,165)

    Hello people .. As you can see in the title, my ePSXe (PS1 emulator) wont run some iso-file games.. When i mount that iso file to the emulator i just get some kind of an error.. It says: Opcode 11 unk (PC000000a4) (358,165) < I have no idea what that means, even tho i searched for why this error accurs... By the way, i used a program to extract iso file out of an eboot (Used for PSP's) as i allways do, except these 3 games DONT work.. As they usually do... I would really appriciate some help here guys ..
    P.s. Im using 1.7.0 ePSXe PS1 emulator...

    Thanks in advance
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    Default Re: ePSXe wont run iso : Opcode 11 unk (pc000000a4) (358,165)

    Well, you haven't searched this forum well enough since I've posted a sort of explanation for Opcode errors in a couple of threads before. Here goes:

    "An "opcode" error most often means the emu is running wild (due to whatever error), and tries to interprete some random memory as code.

    The reason for this can be everything. Best way is to reduce everthing to minimum, that means: only use a software gpu, the internal epsxe SPU, and the epsxe internal cdrom/ISO emulation.

    As for the games, I've extracted a couple of games like that and they work fine. Are you sure they are PSX games to begin with?

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    Default Re: ePSXe wont run iso : Opcode 11 unk (pc000000a4) (358,165)

    Yes, im 100% sure these are ps1 game.. No idea how to fix this but im pritty sure that its not emulator that isnt working it has to be the games. Maybe im using the wrong program to extract they'r iso out of eboot.. Anybody know what's the best program for this operation ?

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    Default Re: ePSXe wont run iso : Opcode 11 unk (pc000000a4) (358,165)

    The only one I've used is PSX2PSP. Haven't failed me yet.

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