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Thread: VBA-Link Pokemon Trade Problem.

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    Default VBA-Link Pokemon Trade Problem.

    Hello everyone, how are you? First off, I'm using the battery save in VBA-Link to do my VBA-Link trades, not save state. Everything goes smoothly and the link works fine until I finally end up in the trade room with the 2 computers I go to one of the computers on one window and then I get this error -

    "Communication error... Please check all connections, then turn the power OFF and ON."

    Any idea on what is going on? I have synchronize and wireless adapter enabled on both windows and one window has pause when inactive window enabled, so it makes selecting things a little easier.

    Please, if you can, help me. I would really appreciate any help at all.

    P.S - I'm using VGA-Link for Pokemon FireRed

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    Default Re: VBA-Link Pokemon Trade Problem.

    I sometimes eat noObs

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    Default Re: VBA-Link Pokemon Trade Problem.

    try open two windows in the same PC for working.

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