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    Hey, I'm trying to map the controls for my Dolphin Emulator to my keyboard. When I set my input configuration to pad and try to configure the settings, and Error Messege saying ChangeNumPlayers comes up, and I really have no idea what to do about it? Any thoughts?

    I'm running Windows Vista.
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    I'm not sure I understand you here. You want to map to the keyboard, but you set the configuration to pad? As in gamepad?

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    Well no, in a previous thread, I was told that I had to set my settings to pad instead of vjoy or w/e the default one is, in order to get to the configuration screen for keyboard. The problem is, when I make that change and I try to open the screen, that error messege pops up, the one that says: ChangeNumPlayers
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    sorry for the douple post but uhhh.... no one has any idea?

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    In Dolphin go to Option==>Configure...==>plugins:
    and it should look like this:

    Select the Dolphin KB/360.... as the pad plugin and click configure....and is should look something like this:
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