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    Cool Sugestion - The perfect EMULATOR


    The consoles like psp, ps3, wii, etc. use an OS/firmware just to take the full use of hardware to the games, so if we can make one version of windows (stable version, "windows" because of the compatibe drivers) the lightest possible to garantee the maximum hardware power to run the games and to detect the hardware like: usb gamepads, graphics cards, sound cards, hdd and optical drives, we will be abble to run the games evan faster than the consoles.

    I think that this is the future, one OS version just to emulation, with drivers to detect and use the full power of the hardware, like the emulated machine.

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    You've missed the point. Emulation isn't system intensive because of the way Windows addresses other hardware and software. Emulation is system intensive because every different type of console contains hardware dedicated to performing specific functions. A PC emulating a console has to perform all of the instructions carried out by that hardware vis software which is massively system intensive.
    The more complicated a console and its hardware are the more system intensive it is for a PC to emulate it.

    Imagine buying a PC with no graphics card then having an emulator that runs all the functions of a GeForce8800 using just the PC processor and RAM, that's why there's such a massive differential between the apparent power of a console and the power of a PC needed to emulate it successfully.

    Windows or any other OS has virtually no relevance to the equation whatsoever and because all the consoles have a dedicated architecture not compatible with conventional PC technology to run the games natively on PC hardware would require the games to be reprogrammed to work with a PC......making them a PC port, so you wouldn't actually be emulating them anyway.
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