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Thread: Memory card in epsxe

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    Default Memory card in epsxe

    I downloaded epsxe and configured it on my PC about a year ago, and got it working fine. I could save the game using the games save function, and it would work just as if it was in a playstation with a memory card in.

    I wiped my PC a few months ago and re-installed espxe, and the games work fine, but when i went to load a save file in a game it said it didnt exist. I tried to use my brain and work out the problem, but i really dont know The folder "memcards" is empty, would that have something to do with it?

    Thanks in advance.

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    The memory card files are gone, so your data is gone too. Before reinstalling ePSXe or "cleaning" your PC, make a backup copy of the memory card files in the memcard folder. When you run a game for the first time (I think), memory card files are created automatically, which are epsxe000.mcr and epsxe001.mcr.
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    Thanks, I'm not aiming to get the old ones back, I'm just wondering why I cant perform the same function since re-installing epsxe. Judging from your post, for whatever reason the game ahasnt created those memory card files. Are they downloadable from elsewhere, or is there any other way to create/obtain them?

    Thanks for the reply.

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    Normally when Epsxe starts up it makes 2 cards itself. Try selecting them in the mem cards options. And or open the path to the mem card folders and put in somthing like card1 card2 in the paths and close and restart it then it shoul dmake its own new cardsunder them names. least thats how it works for me.
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