xbox 360 emulator pls


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hi evryone
im a new member with you
and i wish that you can help :)
my question i see videos about xbox 360 emu ans start games like gt4 or unsharted 3
my first question does th rpcs 3 can start games like naruto and gta 5 or maybe watchdogs unsharted 3 et...
and there a emulator for xbox 360 or no ?
ans thanks


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If there is an emulator that plays some type of game, samples, homebru, ect... it will be on our list to download. Here are the 360 emulators

Beyond that you download at risk. My advice is check our downloads not you tube. Also the 360 is not a simple console, you wont see much in the way of an emulator for a few years from now.

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First: Uncharted 3 is a PS3 exclusive.

Second: No, there aren't any Xbox360 emulators, nor can the rpcs3 run commercial games as of the time of this post. I suggest that you follow ulaoulao's advice and check legitimate emulator sites, such as this one, and not check youtube, where there is a 100% more likely chance of scamming.


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at the moment no xbox 360 emulator worked for me , i still have to test beta version of [ URL REMOVED --- do not post fake emulators !!!!]

From that site.
We just released a ROM update and GTA 5 PC download for the PCx360 emulator 4.1.1. It is really easy to run it and we will soon make some adjustments and optimization for it in the new beta version. We decided to make a short guide about it and also include one of the video tutorials.

Anyone claiming that needs there head examined.
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