Emulator Problem: Winkawaks 1.65 Controller not detected


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Hi All,

I just downloaded Winkawaks 1.65 and a couple of neogeo games but i m having issues with it detecting the controller. The controller i have seems to be working fine for other emulators, so i don't think it is the problem. When I try to configure the keys it just doesn't detect it, so i m just using the Keyboard for now, which is not very convenient for fighting games. Does anyone know how to make it work?

I would really appreciate if anyone could help me with this :bow:


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are you try new drivers/calibrate your pad/detect by windows did you try redefine keys store it in ini also im think some sort of plugin to detect the same was with neogeorage in that post ulaoulao write about dectect keys in dx (write own plugin) but im think there is other way try in ini write your configuration keys there are not writen as letter but as char/number
better try mame and mess ._.