Why are certain sounds missing in my beloved arcade cabinet?


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In the realm of my apartment, a grand arcade cabinet stands tall, crafted by my own hands, bringing endless joy and delight. Months have passed since its creation, enchanting me with flawless performance. However, as twilight descended upon this fateful eve, I embarked upon a game of Donkey Kong, only to discover a peculiar absence in the symphony of audio. Alas! The once familiar tunes of Mario's gallant leaps and nimble footsteps have vanished into the void. A seeker of wisdom, I beseech thee, for I have not tampered with any settings, save for the addition of achievements through retroarch. Despite ensuring the sanctity of my firmware's vitality, the silence persists. I implore thee, share thy counsel and guide me towards the restoration of these lost melodies.


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Check audio settings and do you have parent roms with audio and other hacks of those games.


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Within the sanctum of my apartment, an imposing arcade cabinet stands as a testament to my craftsmanship, radiating boundless joy and enchantment. Since its inception, the passage of months has brought unbridled satisfaction, delivering unblemished performance. Yet, on this twilight-shrouded eve, as I ventured into the realms of Donkey Kong, an enigmatic void emerged, swallowing the harmonious cadence of audio. Alas! The melodies that once danced with Mario's valiant leaps and agile strides have faded into obscurity. Seeking solace in the realm of knowledge, I humbly entreat your wisdom. Unfaltering in my stewardship, save for the introduction of achievements via retroarch, I find myself adrift in this silence. With firmware's integrity preserved, the hush remains unbroken. I implore your guidance, noble sage, to illuminate my path toward the rekindling of these forsaken harmonies.


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hard to say if this is a bot or a person, they rhyme spoken word theme is a bit unnecessary but never the less. No emulation will ever give you perfect sound, this is after all emulation. A good way to simulate this without real hard ware is to buy and here it on a MiSTer. Also remember sounds can be a bit subjective to the ear from person to person. My wife for one could not tell you one bird call from the next, but she could tell you one metal songs from the next from the first bar. Point is, her ear is not trained in certain sounds and same goes for the subconsciousness.

i.e.. If you are 45-55 and you play Zelda on a PC, you will notice some similarities. You will find yourself saying hey I remember that.... but on the other hand try playing zelda on the mister and you will here your mother calling you, smell supper, or feel that old basement calling your name. This is because the mister plays the game like it was in its original state, note for note, frequency for frequency. And your mind will reactive with the state you were in at that age of 8-12 or what be it.

FPGA processors simulate hardware, they do not translate it from one hardware to another like emulation. Emulation is like CPU1 says 203012.45 and CPU2 says 203012.4 because it can only handle 1 digit decimal. Well it is more about op codes but not getting in to that... Where a FPGA can simulate the original CPU and if you want to pay for the extra it will even simulate hardware outputs (SCART)
TLDR: Emulation is only so-so, simulation is where it is at, if you want perfectionist ditch the PC and go FPGA. it's not about power its about accuracy. MiSTer is now able to play n64! details
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It sounds like there may be a few reasons why the sounds are missing from your arcade cabinet. Here are some things to check:

  1. Make sure all the audio cables are plugged in securely.
  2. Check the volume settings on both the cabinet and any connected speakers.
  3. Confirm that sound effects and music are enabled in the game settings.
  4. Review the Retroarch configuration to ensure it hasn't changed any audio settings.
  5. See if there are any firmware updates available for your cabinet and install them.
  6. If the issue persists, there might be a hardware problem that needs attention