VBA-M: Pokemon Fire Red / Pokemon Leaf Green [TRADING]


I've been looking and looking everywhere for over a month now and have found no useful or helpful content about trading with two different computers using LAN connection.

I am aware of [vbalink info] I am currently using the version VisualBoyAdvance-M 2.1.4 (Windows 10 os)to emulate my GBA games. Back in the day I used the VBA emulator but never connected online due to the program not allowing LAN connection either. The only way to connect back then the same with making a server in general was through Hamachi. SO my big question is how can one even trade on PC using LAN link to trade on a stable connection to one another. (This is also assuming that you have no firewall issues blocking the connection and the link timeout in milliseconds should also be a big play in connection too! excluding hamachi)

As a side note, most tutorials on YouTube are from the early 2000's so as you could Imagine I am frustrated with finding an answer to this.


Try mGBA this what i was find :


"mGBA Forums > mGBA > General > Trading in Pokemon Fire Red, ie the GBA link?"

09-25-2016, 01:40 AM
This is currently possible: go to File > Open Multiplayer Window, then open two different instances of the ROM (not the same file, or else it'll overwrite the saves), and trading should work.

mGBA is latest gba emulator also as retroarch aka libretro core.

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I haven't tried that emulator but Is there a way to trade using VBA-M? Though lan connection?