Using XBOX 360 controller with Fusion


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Update just tried GENS and it seems easier / better than fusion....
could someone suggest the best keys to map on an xbo360 ? the sega controller has I understand 6 buttons, but the Xbox controller has back buttons etc....having never used a sega controller not sure of best mapping...

I could get pinnacle game profiler, or is it just as easy to do, once the procedure is understood ?


I am using two Wireless Xbox 360 controllers on my pc with an xbox wireless device, from amazon ASIN: B00K67WTTW only £5.45 free P&P a bargain as it works perfectly. for my pc with the amazing FS-UAE amiga emulator

What I would now like to do is use my XBOX360 controllers with FUSION or an emulator for the sega megadrive....

Any help would greatly be appreciated

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