Using Scale2xSDL


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Hi, I am working on a new type of emulator as it emulates
Basic on old consoles like Apple, C64, Atari800 .. etc..

I have it in a 320-200 mode, as that is the screen resolution
of the actual hardware.

I have read about and tried to use the scale2xSDL functions and
cannot seem to use then correctly.

If anyone has used then, please give me some help in getting them
to work.



do you know algorithms ?
and there
and we read : with these rules (in C language) :

E0 = D == B && B != F && D != H ? D : E;
/* if cell E0 is assigned to D equal to B and B is not equal to F and D not equal to h question mark is sign of condition(if)(we can read it as if H if D division by E) of course its can also mean decimal place but no numbers here ) later division by E*/
later code is the same
you dont know C ?
thats a loop
:happy: you welcome
/* info aboust signs */
!= not equal
= assigned
&& and
|| or
?:: sign with code scope (if)
: division but also decimal place and sign of type
function(int 4: int 2: int 5);
something like that
im rookie so i dont know its sounds well you need C/C++ course :)
compile SDL make a function with loop then write C code its can be written as C wrapper to C++
then you just paste code why you need write that if you just can paste
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