Emulator Problem: Upgrading from MAME32 0.62 to 0.155, but can't get most ROMS to work...


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I have been using a computer with a very old version of MAME32 (version 0.62) without major issues. However this old version does not appear to be able to flip the screen 180 degrees which is necessary for a lot of my games so I recently downloaded the newest version of MAME2 (version 0.155).

On the new version, I pointed the directory to my ROM file and it appeared to discover the ROMs successfully.

However, the overwhelming majority of my games do not appears to be working on the new software (looks like I'm getting error messages that portions of files not found?). Are there additional steps I need to take other that pointing the directory to the ROM file to get the new MAME32 version working with my established ROMs? Please let me know if you have helpful info.

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on this forum was a post that mame32 is not update anymore (fronted)
you need latest fronted for mame
latest bios pack
and if are outdated latest mame roms set
latest mame is 0.174 can be update to 0.175
recomended fronted from mame site
you wonder why is so important right
truth and irony is that some sets cant run on every mame
so there is mame roms for 0.168 etc...
the same thing i was have with kawaks or winkawaks
on older version roms run on new are not avaible
so your choice
so conclusions:
example :
mame 0.168
rom set for 0.168
fronted for 0.168
on oficial site what i give you work for me
IV/Play 1.6.1 its for x32 aka x86 intel processors
need framework to run so you downnload net framework from microsoft site
here more info about frontends
http://qmc2.batcom-it.net/ next one
next one http://mameclassic.mameworld.info/
and more info : http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/259953-front-end-for-mame-on-windows/
about roms write just :
mame roms set in google
and about bios : mame bios pack in google
thats all have fun :) and one more thing XP is unsuported now every latest fronted will work at least on win 7


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dont worry you will choose older version or i find fronted for you :)
here more info





choose your fronted and i will tell what is needed
old fronteds :dos, xp ,98 etc
other can be used on linux
choose your favorite then i write its works or not

here more more info


this dude made custom build for mame 0.173

and after go there
from his site we read

All downloads are for Windows only. Win7 and later are supported. May run on XP.

so its latest mame 0.176
choose this hbmame
latest version but im not promise that all games run

answer me if helps :)
thats all

i was find other site

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