Ultra Street Fighter 2 or ST HD Remix on Android ?


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Hi all - is there any way to play Street Fighter 2 (either Ultra or Turbo HD remix) on Android ?

Got the collections 1 & 2 on a PS emulator which covers all versions up to SF2 Turbo, but cannot seem to access the Ultra or Turbo HD remix versions (not interested in the Alpha series).

From what I understand Ultra SF2 was released on the Nintendo Switch and SF2 Turbo HD remix was on PS3. Emulators for these consoles are still somewhat in development or "sketchy" at best.

I have even tried APK apps but with no success. Any ideas or just wait for better Switch or PS3 emulators to prove themselves ?


Rpcs3 and Yuzu are so far best emulators there are no other emulators.

You just need bios and emulator thats all.


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Thanks for the info - perhaps I should have been more specific. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T510 running Android version 11.

Trying Yuzu now and I'll let you all know how I get on.
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