Trying to get ALIENS VS PREDATOR to work on MAME64


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So I've been having a very hard time getting this game to work. I discovered that CAPCOM games on CPS1 and CPS2 now require extra files? The Roma I have were missing the Qsound file, which I now have, but I am getting this message still:

Avp.14m, 16m, 18m and avp.20m are the wrong length and I have no idea what that means. Can anyone help me?


@Venomous75 You mean rom size ?

Becuse exists hacks/parent roms with less on biger size.

And you should get correct checksum.

And do you have latest bios for cps1 and cps2 ?

Also if that fails i say that there is also snes rom.

And there is other emulator final burn alpha which emulates capcom boards.

And you can try retroarch with many mame cores and final burn.

Thats retroarch 1.10.3


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Thanks for responding. I probably don't have the latest bios. I didn't realize I needed bios for Cps. I do have the latest version of MAME64. If I can find them, where do I place them?

And are you saying the Roms I have aren't the right ones?

I've dabbled with Emulators for years, with success here and there, but I really don't know what I'm doing with MAME.

If it helps you to help me, I also installed winkawaks and the rom does run on that, albeit with no sound.


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hey, thanks! I will certainly watch this, though, I have switched to retro arch and have gotten it to work. Couldn't hurt to have alternate ways of playing.