Computer Problem: Total n00b in desperate need of some guidance!


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Hello everyone.

I plan on building a PC for retro gaming. Specifically using MAME for KI1 & KI2, MK1, MK2 & UMK3.

I have literally zero experience with building PCs though. After researching like crazy for a couple months now, I’ve gathered that those games require a bit more than the older games, specifically KI and UMK3.

Since I have zero experience, I’m not sure exactly what I need.

This will ultimately end up as a full size arcade cabinet build, with the PC inside.

Anyway, does anyone know if either of these posts from OfferUp will run these games smoothly, and if so, which one would be better?

Post one:

Up for sale is a HP 6005 small form factor pc. It has 150gb of hard drive space, 4gb of RAM, the processor is a AMD PhenomII 3.0ghz quad core processor. There is a video card installed NVidia quadro 600 1gb of memory. The OS is windows 7 professional fully activated and validated. Office is installed along with Microsoft’s antivirus. I am including the wireless Cisco stick which is a dual band N. I was using this pC in my living room with my TV to stream live TV. Got a new smart tv and no longer needed. Included in the sale is the Tower, power cable, wireless stick.

Post two:

Everything was pulled from a working PC
Comes with motherboard, 8gb of ram, 300 watt power supply, working DVD drive, Nvidia gt 610 gpu 1gb, intel core i3 550 3.2 GHz dual core CPU, and some screws I have lying around and 500gb hard drive


I know that some of the tech OGs don’t really like to waste time on a noob, so seriously any insight at all would be greatly appreciated.

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You should have beter video card because you will can also play with playstation 2 and playstation 3 emulator.

I3 is a good choice but better will be i5 or i7.

Older emulators depend more on ram.

Like nestopia or final burn alpha or other 2d emulators.

Your power supply is too weak get power supply from bronze series like corsair or cooler master and to have more power because card can use more so 450w or 500w power supply there is also more power supplies.

Thats all for now.


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With emulation use Intel and nothing else. I3/I5 but a I7 is just a waste of money for Emulation as that does nothing for you. Video cards are not all the big of a deal either as emulation is all CPU depended. Same really goes for ram... and you will most likely never need more then 4 cores in the CPU as most all emulators use less then 4 if not only 1.


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Dude! That’s awesome specific advice. I really appreciate it man!! Time to get crackin on gettin me an intel then!!